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Insight : The discovery by someone that of the psychological connection between earlier and later events that may currently be affecting their behaviour.  A clear or deep understanding of your self.  A clear or deep understanding of a situation.

Integral Therapy : One of the approaches used in the Mindliness Clinic for build up a detailed picture of the clients past psychological and living history in order to determine the framework of patterns that are influencing the way they react to events, feelings, emotions and their own behaviours.  The model greatly helps in understanding the clients condition(s) and in providing effective means of treatment for them. It is based on external and internal stimuli that are processed unconsciously (‘chemically’) by their autonomic nervous system, external stimuli that are unconsciously interpreted based on previously established patterns, external stimuli that are consciously interpreted by the self and internally generated stimuli resulting from the combined set of reactions to the original stimulus. This may sound complex, but a simple diagram is used during therapy to make things clear.

Integrative Therapy : Some practitioners do not subscribe to one therapeutic approach. The term ‘integrative’ refers to the combining of 2 or more approaches, often combining counselling and specific therapies.

Internal Frame of Reference : The subjective world of a client or person. Counsellors and Therapists try to gain insight into this and then view the client through their frame of reference to better understand different aspects of their problems in their context and from their viewpoint.

Intervention : Taking control of the course of action with the aim of preventing or altering a possibly harmful result. See also advising.

Inter Session Activities : These are activities typically aimed at collecting data (e.g. bedtime), encouraging small changes in behaviour (e.g. preparing to sleep well in advance of going to bed) and learning relevant information (e.g. reading a handout of part of a book, listening to a podcast or watching a video). They continue the treatment ‘in between sessions’, with the client gradually becoming actively involved with self treatment.

Judgmental : Consciously or unconsciously judging other people according to one’s own self-imposed standards and values as if they were the ‘true’ reference.  Imposing such values in a way that condemns, criticises or stigmatises the judged.

Latent, latency : Something that exists and ready to be activated at any time, see also quiescent. Latency is a measure of the length of time it takes to activate it after the activating stimulus has occurred.

Life : the period of animate existence of a person and the sum of events and consequences experienced

Living : Choosing a path through life.

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