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The Emotions

Here is a list of words describing the emotions that give us different kinds of feelings. They include pleasant positive feelings, tense and insecure feelings and defensive and suffering  feelings. It’s useful to look through the list to identify and clarify the emotions that may be influencing the way you are feeling. If you think of other ’emotion’ words or other kinds of emotions then please let us know by email, we’d like to add them to the lists here to make your awareness and understanding of your emotions easier.

Pleasant and Positive Feelings

Open  understanding, confident, reliable, easy, amazed, free, sympathetic, interested,
satisfied, receptive, accepting, certain, relaxed, glad, sunny, elated
Happy  great, gay, joyous, lucky, fortunate, delighted, overjoyed, gleeful, thankful,
important, festive, kind, ecstatic, satisfied, free and easy, blessed, jubilant
Alive  playful, courageous, energetic, liberated, optimistic, provocative, impulsive,
free, frisky, animated, thrilled, wonderful, cheerful, merry
Good  calm, peaceful, at ease, comfortable, pleased, encouraged, clever, surprised,
content, quiet, spirited, serene, bright, reassured
Love  loving, considerate, affectionate, sure, devoted, attracted, passionate,
admiration, touched, close, drawn toward
Interested  concerned, affected, sensitive, certain, inquisitive, nosy, admired,
engrossed, warm, curious, brave, challenged, comforted, confident
Positive  eager, keen, fascinated, intrigued, tender, absorbed, inspired, determined,
excited, enthusiastic, bold, sympathy, loved, hopeful
Strong  impulsive, free, earnest, intent, anxious, rebellious, unique, dynamic, tenacious,
hardy, secure, daring, optimistic

Tense and Insecure Feelings

Angry  irritated, enraged, hostile, insulting, sore, annoyed, upset, hateful, unpleasant,
offensive, bitter, aggressive, resentful, distrustful, misgiving, provoked, incensed,
infuriated, cross, worked up, boiling, fuming, indignant
Depressed lousy, disappointed, discouraged, ashamed, powerless, diminished, guilty,
dissatisfied, miserable, detestable, repugnant, despicable, disgusting, distressed, woeful,
terrible, in despair, sulky, bad, a sense of loss
Confused  upset, doubtful, uncertain, indecisive, perplexed, embarrassed, hesitant, shy,
stupefied, disillusioned, unbelieving, skeptical, inflamed, lost,
unsure, uneasy, pessimistic, tense
Helpless  incapable, alone, paralyzed, fatigued, useless, inferior, vulnerable, empty, forced,
hesitant, despair, frustrated, abominable, pathetic, tragic, in a stew, dominated

Defensive and Suffering Feelings

Indifferent  insensitive, dull, nonchalant, neutral, reserved, weary, bored, preoccupied,
cold, disinterested, lifeless, shaky, restless, doubtful, agonized, alienated, cowardly
Afraid  fearful, terrified, suspicious, anxious, alarmed, panic, nervous, scared,
worried, frightened, timid, victimized, threatened, quaking, menaced, wary
Hurt  crushed, tormented, deprived, pained, tortured, dejected, rejected, injured,
offended, afflicted, aching, heartbroken, wronged, humiliated
Sad  tearful, sorrowful, pained, grief, anguish, desolate, desperate, pessimistic,
unhappy, lonely, grieved, mournful, dismayed, appalled

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