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Values : The relative worth, merit, or importance associated with something. Values help to make previously intangible things tangible and so discussion and negotiation about them possible. They are often associated with things, such as a relationship e.g. a set of values such as trust, sharing, benefits, inconveniences, reliance and priority. By establishing what the values are it becomes possible to put a ‘value’ on them and so be able to discuss their absolute and relative worth and its significance.

Verification : Verification is independently ensuring that something has be completed. This can be important when there are multiple stages to a therapy. Each stage has to be verified before moving on to the next stage for the therapy to be effective.

Validation : Validation is ensuring that the end result of a process or therapy has really achieved the original goals. It is the assurance that the whole process has been successfully and accurately completed.

VSEE : VSEE is a secure video link service. It enables people to easily set up a video link that is completely secure and private. All communication between the parties is direct (peer to peer) and encrypted. This is in contrast to other facilities such as Skype which are set up via commercial servers and which are more difficult to make completely private and secure.

Work Related Stress : Work Related Stress involves coping with problems that occur either in the workplace or as a result of a job or multiple jobs. In practice there are many causes such as as conflict related stress, job changing and redundancy. Some workplace related counselling is now called Pastoral Counselling.

Working Relationship : A collaborative relationship between a therapist and a client, or group of clients forming a bond between them for the specific purpose of helping the client assimilate the counselling or therapy efficiently and effectively.  Also referred to as the Therapeutic Alliance.

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