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Ways of Working

The Mindliness Clinic is located in Gloucester and specialises in counselling and a range of psychotherapies covering different conditions.  Clients can be met face-to-face or online, bringing help when and where it is needed.  To help get as much benefit as possible from their sessions we also nurture our client’s emotional health and introduce them to self compassion.  This enables them to heal their minds more naturally from within, viewing themselves and life more positively and getting them back in charge of their own destiny.
Mindliness Clinic offers counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, relational therapy and integral therapy to help people overcome hopelessness, stress, depression, fear and anxiety, phobias, relationship, grief and many other problems.


Brian Kirk  Diploma in CBT, Certificate in Counselling

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (University of West of Scotland)
Certificate in Counselling (Institute of Counselling, Glasgow)
Certificate in Counselling Skills (GCS, Gloucestershire Counselling Service)
CPD Certificate in Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression (NCS/Centre for CBT Bath)
CPD Certificate in Changing Patterns of Behaviour – Habits (Higher Perspectives)
CPD Certificate in Counselling for ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Azelia Counselling)
CPD Certificate in Applied Emotional Freedom Technique

Member of

MIOC – Institute of Counselling, MIoD – Institute of Directors

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