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Words and Meanings

By selecting an item from the drop down menu this page provides access to:

A collection of words and their meanings in plain English. The words here are concerned with psychotherapy – the counselling and therapy involving emotions, feelings and behaviour. The list is in alphabetical order and will be added to based on your requests and feedback. For ease of access the words are grouped on pages, just click the first letter of the word you want to find


Here also is a list of words describing emotions, and similar words too. This is to help you to identify the emotions you are feeling and be able to identify them and relate them to other emotions. It is very helpful when you can name the emotions you are feeling and discuss them with your Counsellor or Therapist. Emotions are important because much of the way we feel and behave has its roots in the emotions we feel and experience.

Here is a list of words describing emotions.

The definitions given are not intended to be gender specific : the words ‘she’ and ‘he’ are interchangeable.

Other topics related to words and meanings will be added in future.

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