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How we help

Welcome to Mindliness, our aim is to help people to feel better about themselves and live better lives.  We believe your emotional health is essential for your well being and offer you help based on your past and current experiences in life.  Our counselling and therapies rely on building a relationship with you that enables you to grow and change.  As we work together your emotional health will improve by developing your awareness and self compassion.  Only you are the expert in your own life and can make decisions and changes that are right for you.  We will be work genuinely with you, listening to and understanding you, but never judging or ‘take sides’.

Counselling offers a confidential and supportive service and the opportunity for change.  We provide a safe place to talk with a counsellor who will really listen to you, helping you to explore and reflect on feelings, worries and experiences you may feel unable to share with friends or family.  The aim is for you to find a way forward, come to terms with your feelings, resolve situations and explore better ways to cope and live.  We will not tell you what to do, or give advice or guidance, but we will help you to make your own choices.

Therapies can be used to treat specific problems like depression, phobias, anxiety, anger, grief and relationship issues.  Therapy is more active and result oriented, involving us teaching and you learning new skills to help you help yourself.  We practice Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Relational Therapy and Integral Therapy depending on the nature of the problems that are evident.

Our services are available to adults in person, by phone, or by secure video link.
You can either visit our clinic in Gloucester or another safe venue we agree on.

Safe and secure you can be assured of privacy, discretion and confidentiality at all times.
All client information is anonymised and held in a secure place.

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